Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tester le Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie

so lyon is the capital of food in france. it is definitely the best place to eat and drink in the country. they love food, love meat and make good wines. they also put a lot in your plate when you eat, contrarily to paris.. last week-end, i went to the salon of the wines and the gastronomy.

i tasted such great wines. i love this kind of events. the ticket was about 10$ so it wasn't bad at all, specially since all the tastings were free. since i went to napa and discovered the joy of tasting wine all day, i am looking for any exhibit/event in france where i can taste wine. so this salon was perfect. not too far from lyon, my friend drove us there at 4pm and we stayed until the end at 7pm.

all the regions were represented at the salon. we tasted bordeaux, burgundy.. we also tasted wines from alsace! i actually never tried those and they were surprisingly extremely good. we bought so many bottles. we also found great food of course.

we met this guy who sells saucisson. each year, he comes with a new ingredient that he puts in his saucisson. this year was the year of the sun-dried tomatoes saucisson. i liked it but i strongly recommend the fig saucisson! the best was the price. for 14$, 4 saucissons! thanks lyon!

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