Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going to the fresh market

going to an outdoor market is part of the french way of life. best source of fresh vegetables and fruits and it is cheap! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

You know you are in France when you go to a vintage market

so, as i told you, i went to the vintage market called pop'up market, this morning. 

i thought there would be a huge line to get inside but no one was standing in front of the building. as i entered, i noticed that none of the girls leaving the place was holding a shopping bag. it is always a bad sign!

so first impression, the place is great and it smells old (always a good sign!). first look, i noticed a mix of actual vintage clothes and fake vintage clothes. i call fake vintage clothes, all the handmades and new things that imitate the vintage style. i hate this stuff.

in the back of the market, few stands. i looked but found nothing. the shoes were great but i don't really like buying used shoes. i don't mind the clothes though. i have to say, i was very disappointed. i thought the market would be bigger and that i would have way more choice than i did. i also saw cupcakes on the pictures of last year, so i looked around to see if i could, at least, eat. unfortunately, all i saw was oysters and tartines.

as a conclusion, this vintage market is not a good address to find vintage clothes. the best place in lyon to find this type of stuff is definitely the store that is located rue victor hugo, next to maisons du monde. i strongly recommend this place to hipsters and vintage lovers living in the city!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sit, rabbit

{hybrid chairs by Merve Kahraman}

ok, i have to admit. i am obsessed with those chairs!!! the best of it is that they are handmade of natural leather and wood. so the idea is to connect to the nature. the plus is also that when you sit on it, the rabbit ears for instance make the impression that they come from your head. those chairs actually give resting humans a mythological quality!

Merve Kahraman called his chairs, hybrid chairs. he based his chair on the myth of human-animal hybrids.

Vintage Market

{invitation of the event}

OMG i am so freaking excited !! the vintage market of lyon is happening this week end. each year, a vintage market is organized in the city. the location changes every year. it is not a big fancy sell and that is why it is so good to go there. clothes are used but you can also find beautiful handmade jewelry. the doors open at 10am, i will definitely be there at 9:59. i can't imagine how crowded it is going to be. anyway, it is THE place to be this week end. i hope i will find some cute and cheap stuff to wear for nyc as i am living for the big apple next week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tester le Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie

so lyon is the capital of food in france. it is definitely the best place to eat and drink in the country. they love food, love meat and make good wines. they also put a lot in your plate when you eat, contrarily to paris.. last week-end, i went to the salon of the wines and the gastronomy.

i tasted such great wines. i love this kind of events. the ticket was about 10$ so it wasn't bad at all, specially since all the tastings were free. since i went to napa and discovered the joy of tasting wine all day, i am looking for any exhibit/event in france where i can taste wine. so this salon was perfect. not too far from lyon, my friend drove us there at 4pm and we stayed until the end at 7pm.

all the regions were represented at the salon. we tasted bordeaux, burgundy.. we also tasted wines from alsace! i actually never tried those and they were surprisingly extremely good. we bought so many bottles. we also found great food of course.

we met this guy who sells saucisson. each year, he comes with a new ingredient that he puts in his saucisson. this year was the year of the sun-dried tomatoes saucisson. i liked it but i strongly recommend the fig saucisson! the best was the price. for 14$, 4 saucissons! thanks lyon!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Turn your instagram pictures into magnets

i have to say, it is pretty ingenious. i have been a 100% addicted to instagram since i got my iphone. actually, i am pretty sure, i only got my iphone to use this app. i am dying to try this ! i want my instagram pictures on my fridge !! 

it is $14.99 per sheet of 9 and they ship all over the world ! the time when you lived in France and couldn't have access to any American service is over! and the best is that it only takes 4 to 7 days to be shipped. 

Bagels in France

i am so excited !! i finally found some bagels in lyon! who would know this? i missed my bagels so much! i am obsessed with the cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese  that i used to eat almost every day in nyc. healthy, you said? 

so i tried this new place, bagelstein, that i discovered by chance while i was walking home from school. i noticed the bagels were super thin but who cares. so i ordered my sesame bagel with just cream cheese. the girl made me repete my order, she looked confused when i asked for only cream cheese inside my bagel. i should have followed her surprise. it was disgusting. the cream cheese was terrible, they tried to imitate the american cream cheese but please, don't. it is definitely not a good experience and i walked home ... disappointed. 

the most surprising is that after that experience, i looked on the internet if this place was known. and it is! apparently, it is one of the best place to find bagels. they have few stores in paris and lyon. i am sorry guys but you are not a good address. 

I need my TV channels and Internet

{trying to install the cable}

I NEED my TV !!!

Since i move back in Lyon, i've been using a public Free Wifi and i am dying to finally watch all the new episodes of my favorite TV Shows. there is nothing worst to be stuck somewhere, with nothing to do and without a good internet connection. i usually watch a movie while i am felling asleep and i am getting tired of watching all over again each seasons of sex and the city and how i met your mother. shame on me, those are the only ones i have on my laptop. 

so the other day, i received a big box for the installation of my internet & TV. i've been trying to make it work but it is still not working. thank god, a cable guy is coming on Tuesday to fix this! i heard so many good things about this "sensation fibre" internet box that i cannot wait to try it! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Paris Vu par Hollywood" exhibition at Paris City hall

i went this sunday to the last exhibit at paris city hall, "Paris seen by Hollywood".

as any other exhibit at the city hall, it was really short but i really enjoyed it. so the exhibit explores the silver screen's enduring fascination with paris. it features clips,  pictures, extracts of movies and drawings which made the visit a real pleasure! i also saw costumes of few movies that you can see on the second picture. big dresses that made me think about a fashion exhibit.

i would even say, it is a romantic exhibit! But hasn’t the city of lights always been romanticized in films? i have to say, this exhibit stimulated my pride to be from paris. it is amusing to go through all those american movies, from the silent movies to the action movies of the 21st century and realize how many times paris has been featured! it is also nice to see how paris was and still is inspiring.

Why it is good to be back?

one word.. FOOD

{my ham sandwich}
when i was in the US, i was dying for one simple thing: a ham sandwich made with French baguette. 

Okay, you know how Americans love to make everything greasy and flavorish. which i am not criticizing,  there is nothing better than a breakfast burrito at 9am. i am making a generality but my meals were always so heavy and not simple..! for example, i was always yelling at my boyfriend who constantly added dishes or sauce to a simple meal. one day, i made a simple salad and all my roomates looked at me like i was a rabbit. you know how it s good to taste each flavor of what you are eating? do you really need to add bacon on your ice-cream? can 't you just enjoy ice-cream? as a dessert? like it should be?

there is not better place than France to eat. and for that reason, it is good to be back!

Why is it so hard to find a name for your blog?


i may not be an artist but finding the name of my blog took me more time than to think about my first post. i love macarons, i love new york, i thought about the tee shirts and here it is! iheartmacaron! good thing i love baking too, so i will post some recipes and tips on the next pages.  i am french as well so macaron is kind of something that is in my blood since i was born..

i ve been addicted to blogs since new york. i am back in france and so bored in my studies that i thought about killing my time with something i would love doing, and also something that would make me feel like i never left the big apple..

so don't worry, it is NOT about macarons!