Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Paris Vu par Hollywood" exhibition at Paris City hall

i went this sunday to the last exhibit at paris city hall, "Paris seen by Hollywood".

as any other exhibit at the city hall, it was really short but i really enjoyed it. so the exhibit explores the silver screen's enduring fascination with paris. it features clips,  pictures, extracts of movies and drawings which made the visit a real pleasure! i also saw costumes of few movies that you can see on the second picture. big dresses that made me think about a fashion exhibit.

i would even say, it is a romantic exhibit! But hasn’t the city of lights always been romanticized in films? i have to say, this exhibit stimulated my pride to be from paris. it is amusing to go through all those american movies, from the silent movies to the action movies of the 21st century and realize how many times paris has been featured! it is also nice to see how paris was and still is inspiring.

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