Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why it is good to be back?

one word.. FOOD

{my ham sandwich}
when i was in the US, i was dying for one simple thing: a ham sandwich made with French baguette. 

Okay, you know how Americans love to make everything greasy and flavorish. which i am not criticizing,  there is nothing better than a breakfast burrito at 9am. i am making a generality but my meals were always so heavy and not simple..! for example, i was always yelling at my boyfriend who constantly added dishes or sauce to a simple meal. one day, i made a simple salad and all my roomates looked at me like i was a rabbit. you know how it s good to taste each flavor of what you are eating? do you really need to add bacon on your ice-cream? can 't you just enjoy ice-cream? as a dessert? like it should be?

there is not better place than France to eat. and for that reason, it is good to be back!

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