Saturday, October 13, 2012

I need my TV channels and Internet

{trying to install the cable}

I NEED my TV !!!

Since i move back in Lyon, i've been using a public Free Wifi and i am dying to finally watch all the new episodes of my favorite TV Shows. there is nothing worst to be stuck somewhere, with nothing to do and without a good internet connection. i usually watch a movie while i am felling asleep and i am getting tired of watching all over again each seasons of sex and the city and how i met your mother. shame on me, those are the only ones i have on my laptop. 

so the other day, i received a big box for the installation of my internet & TV. i've been trying to make it work but it is still not working. thank god, a cable guy is coming on Tuesday to fix this! i heard so many good things about this "sensation fibre" internet box that i cannot wait to try it! 

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