Saturday, October 20, 2012

You know you are in France when you go to a vintage market

so, as i told you, i went to the vintage market called pop'up market, this morning. 

i thought there would be a huge line to get inside but no one was standing in front of the building. as i entered, i noticed that none of the girls leaving the place was holding a shopping bag. it is always a bad sign!

so first impression, the place is great and it smells old (always a good sign!). first look, i noticed a mix of actual vintage clothes and fake vintage clothes. i call fake vintage clothes, all the handmades and new things that imitate the vintage style. i hate this stuff.

in the back of the market, few stands. i looked but found nothing. the shoes were great but i don't really like buying used shoes. i don't mind the clothes though. i have to say, i was very disappointed. i thought the market would be bigger and that i would have way more choice than i did. i also saw cupcakes on the pictures of last year, so i looked around to see if i could, at least, eat. unfortunately, all i saw was oysters and tartines.

as a conclusion, this vintage market is not a good address to find vintage clothes. the best place in lyon to find this type of stuff is definitely the store that is located rue victor hugo, next to maisons du monde. i strongly recommend this place to hipsters and vintage lovers living in the city!

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